Sofia University

1968-1971 Undergraduate study in Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of Sofia University. Major in mathematics. Minor in Mechanics of Continua and Fluid Mechanics.
1971-1973 Graduate study in the Department of Fluid Mechanics of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of Sofia University.
MSc in 11/1973
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1976-1978 PhD Study in the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Supervisor: Prof. N. N. Yanenko. Subject: Operator-splitting methods for modelling flows of viscous liquids.
01/1980: PhD (Candidate of Sciences) in Computational Fluid Dynamics.

05/1980-05/1981: Postdoctoral Study in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering of the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. Supervisor: Prof. D. Wasan. Subject: Interfacial Hydrodynamics.

01/1987: DSc (Habilitation) -- Conferred by the National Administration of Science and Education a higher doctoral degree (similar to "Habilitation Thesis" in Germany, "Dr. d'Etat" in France, "Doctor of Sciences" in Russia). Subject: Modelling Continuous Media with Random Structure.